"At Hedgehog House I had a fun time. My favourite part was feeding the fish and taking the eggs from the chickens. There were lots of games."

Robin Marsland (age 9)
"When I was at Hedgehog House I remember making spiders for Halloween, it was fun. I met my friend Josh at Hedgehog House."

Henry Barnard (age 7)
"I liked Hedgehog House because I made lots of friends there. I played on the motorbike in the garden."

Freddie Coggin (age 8)
"I enjoyed going to Hedgehog House because all the staff are really lovely and you make lots of friends."

Mia Coggin (age 10)
"I made life long friends and so many memories from going to Hedgehog House."

Daisy Coggine (age 14)
"I love Hedgehogs."

Rowan Bell (age 5)
"I loved going to Hedgehog House. I made lots of friends. I liked the cars and the trains and the chickens in the garden."

Rupert Bell (age 6)


"We moved our 2 children from a different nursery as our older son wasn't really happy there and we didn't feel it was preparing him for school. He loved Hedgehog House and really thrived there. He liked the smaller, family feel and both children settled really quickly. We felt it prepared him really well for school. My younger daughter loves it at Hedgehog House and has always been really happy to be there and enjoys all the activities. Hedgehog House has a lovely atmosphere, loads of toys and activities and the staff are all great."

Sue Golbey
"We looked around many preschools and nurseries and are so happy that we found Hedgehog House. Its a very special place which has it's priorities firmly in the right place: the children come first. There is a gentle, calm and homely atmosphere and my son has made strong relationships with both the staff and children. He is truly happy at Hedgehog House and has flourished since being there. I could not wish for a better start in life for him."

Alice Burchfield
"Having sent all three of my children to Hedgehog House, I can whole heartedly and without reservation recommend this wonderful nursery school to anyone seeking a positive and enriching early years experience for their child."

Emma Slade